Tortilla Flat

This is “the boondocks too boxy to die,” an Arizona western boondocks amid in the Superstition Mountain Range that was a stagecoach stop in 1904. According to legend, fire, flood, outlaws, apostate Apache Indians, and a acrid ambiance that defied adjustment accept all bootless to annihilate off the final balance of this town. Thus, it was larboard with one appeal, the belief of its defiance. It makes that address today to tourists.

Most association drive there from Scottsdale. I took my ancestors there during a cyclone vacation in Arizona. Driving east, I encountered Arizona State Alley 88 at Apache Junction, which got my absorption if the pavement concluded into a clay alley as we got into the Superstition Mountain area. But, my ancestors enjoyed the Goldfield Ghost Town. We saw a actual astute cowboy gunfight reenactment, and we heard an old prospector (actor) acquaint the fable of the Lost Dutchman Gold mine. Plus, to adventure added in alleged to apperception the allegorical Apache Wars with the U.S. Cavalry, Geronimo, and Mangas Coloradas. If you anticipate you apperceive about that adventure because you saw the blur “Geronimo,” web seek Mangas Coloradas and you will apprentice more.

Today, you can appointment what is larboard of Tortilla Flat, breadth you can acquaintance an old west alehouse and building of sorts and there is a restaurant too. But, you charge to advance on to drive the “Apache Loop” if you wish to get a feel for the history of the area. Make abiding your car has a abounding catchbasin of gas afore you try this. The White and Black Rivers amalgamate to anatomy the Alkali River, so called because the river baptize pulls alkali out of a accustomed alkali bank. The Alkali River is the abuttals amid the Tonto National Forest and The Fort Apache Reservation.

Don’t be alarmed. Appointment the catch in adjustment to acknowledge the absolute American history of the area. Be admiring of the tribe, their history, their culture, and their rules. If they like you, they may acquaint you about the Sunrise Ski Resort and the Hon Dah Resort Casino, which the Apache Association owns and operates.